Our employees are committed to excellence and quality and our facilities are designed for efficient metal stamping, weld and electropainting operations.

This longstanding tradition of our company is based in quality and service to our customers.  Together with just-in-time and delivery and effective cost control resulting in complete customer satisfaction.

We have learned through experience that the best time to speak with our customers is at the design stage of the process and before the actual part goes into production to add the most cost effective solutions available. Contact one of our design engineers or customer service representatives to discuss your production needs today.

Utilizing the latest CAD systems, Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) machining and milling tools combined with the skill and experience of our trained staff, we can quickly develop your prototype from blueprint phase to a final product quickly and efficiently, all without compromising quality.




KI (USA) places the highest priority on quality in their metal stamping services.  We consider this the most critical aspect of our business, an ongoing process to ensure we meet and exceed your standards.  Tooling and parts undergo the most rigid inspections at our facility throughout the primary and secondary operations.  To ensure top-seated product quality, our quality team works diligently with our engineering department from the  design phase on, using custom programs developed on our CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine) to input precise prototype measurements for machining and die development.







Working Together

Our associates work hard to make sure that you receive premium customer service and the highest quality parts possible.

Our highly organized engineering and quality teams will ensure that your design becomes a well-crafted reality from the minute you submit your CAD design.